YIYING DECORATION DESIGN CO., LTD. was 100% owned by Guangzhou Yiying Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., which is a company mainly engaged in the design of interior decoration in China. Founded in Apr. 10, 2013, over the 8+ years of development and growth, Guangzhou Yiying Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. has always been providing customers with good products and technical support, as well as sound after-sales services. It mainly engages in interior decoration; interior decoration design services; decoration and cleaning in the later stages of construction projects; and landscaping engineering services. It is a professional enterprise that focuses on decoration design, undertaking real estate, commercial space, office space, hotel and entertainment club projects.

Guangzhou Yiying Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. is an innovative and passionate team that pursues perfection, and a sincere, trustworthy and enterprising modern decoration enterprise with cohesion. After many years of efforts, the company boasts a professional team composed of excellent talents from well-known universities at home and abroad, well-trained and skilled technicians, strict and professional project managers, and advanced office and work equipment. With its people-oriented and scientific corporate management mode coupled with a set of rigorous and efficient management and operation systems, it provides customers with first-class services and unswervingly delivers high-quality projects to customers.

Since its establishment, the company has accomplished brilliant achievements in decoration of homes, high-end commercial properties and office buildings, gained extensive experience, developed its own characteristics and styles, acquired strength and competitiveness in its industry, and created a brand recognized in the market.